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The Sarah Jane Adventures icontest

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The Sarah Jane Adventures icontest

The Sarah Jane Adventures icontest
An icon contest community for the television series The Sarah Jane Adventures.


  • All icons you submit in the challenge must be yours.
  • Icons must be jpg, gif or png, they can have a maximum size of 100x100 pixels and they may not be bigger in file size than 40KB.
  • Icons must be new and can't be posted anywhere else before voting is over.
  • You are allowed to use brushes, stock images, textures and such in your icons.
  • Submit your icons as a new comment (all comments will be screened) on the challenge post.
  • You can't vote for your own icons.
  • Don't ask others to vote for you.
  • You don't necessarily have to be a member to participate or to vote, but you do have to be logged in on LJ.

    Original layout overrides by ephectic.
    Mini icons by Pinvoke.