M'Lein, yo (dreamsdowndrain) wrote in sja_icontest,
M'Lein, yo

Icon Exchange!

SJA icon exchange!

Sign up to participate in the SJA icon exchange by leaving a comment (which will be screened) in which you put what you'd like to receive icons of. You can list characters, episodes, whatever you want. You may also be very specific in your request, if you prefer.

You have until 28 February to sign up. I will then send you a PM containing the request of someone else (whose identity will remain a secret for a while). (Unless your LJ User Messaging settings don't allow me to send you a PM, in this case, you'll have to leave your e-mailadress in the comment with your request too.)

You will then make 6 to 10 icons for that person. You'll have the entire month of March for that. These icons have to be posted in a comment on an entry in this comm that I will make after the assignments have been sent out.

In early April, I will post all the icons, reveiling the username of the person who's made them and the username of the person who they're for, in a new entry.

(There is no contest involved here.)
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